Hercules x (612 x Mozart)

Big Ole Butt – is what Danny went looking for this summer and he found him in Early, Texas at Schrank Show Goats. Bob is a February 2016 born buck kid out of Hercules and to say we are excited about his progeny coming in the spring of 2017 is an understatement. This guy is giraffe necked, flat chested, tucked up and shallow ribbed, round caged, extra long bodied, tremendously opened up through his chest floor, big footed and as attractive from the side as a champion show wether. He handles with tremendous thickness through his rack, massive and flat through his loin, and has an unbelievably deep twist and gigantic inner and outer upper and lower leg. His temperament is awesome, his ear length is short and the shape of his head would interest the full blood crowd. This one gets the non-goat guy interested in the goat business. Those that have seen him have spread the word that he resides in Perrydise – We Like Him A LOT!!!


Mortgage Lifter x Batman

Our good friend Jan Rogers from Otis, Colorado, purchased a donor doe from us a few years ago and we had an opportunity to take part in a flush of that doe to a buck owned by Earl Peacock called Mortgage Lifter. The result of that tremendous flush was a pair of buck kids and a couple of doe kids. The one we kept, we named “Otis” and the one Jan kept is named “Bill Pay”. This was the most consistent flush we have witnessed and worst part; there was a third buck kid and doe kid that did not make it to weaning that were UNBELIEVABLE!!! Otis is the best one to have been born three miles south of Perry. This one has been good from day ONE and continues to get better every single passing day. Hard to make them this good looking, sound, round bodied, big backed and show pig hipped. This one will see lots of wagging tails in Perrydise.


Frank x Yogi

Only buck kid we kept this year out of Frank. Sinatra is big boned, shallow bodied, round ribbed and really big hipped. He is moderate, wicked good-looking and as wide through his chest as you can construct one that is not outside his skeleton. We intend to make a contemporary group of females out of this guy, as his Great Grandmas on the topside of his pedigree are the Matriarch Females that started our program. This one is an outcross to our new program and his Yogi mother has yet to miss!


Rumour Has It x Joan (Joe Dirt x Freak on a Leash)

It took $21,000 to own this one from Kelln Livestock on the April Fool’s Online Sale. I drove out to the end of the earth to see this guy in person before the sale, it was an Easy Decision, OWN HIM! This guy doesn't have a hole. Structurally correct, plenty of bone, square hip, great rib shape with a three dimensional rack and loin. He is clean chested, wide based with an up-headed look. Throw in a deep twist and a handful when you grab his leg. Plus, he just looks good--standing, braced or on the move. This one is fun to look at and fun to handle. Genetically, this guy is bred to make wethers, the mother in his background is a proven producers that will raise kids. His momma is Joan. She is a Joe Dirt x FreakOnALeash/Starbuck. Joan had a Rumour Has It wether that was the bronze medallion wether at the 2015 Oklahoma Youth Expo. There is no guesswork with this one. His full brothers have already been successful in the show ring. The Joe Dirt daughters just keep making great ones. Throw in some Freaky genetics and Starbuck just to make it all real good. The predictability of this one is like Cheech & Chong-- EXTREMELY HIGH!


Sponge Bob (Tsunami x No Way) x Bean 1005 (8505 x 903)

Dam was a private treaty purchase from Doug Bean in 2010. This is what we have been working to accomplish in making a keeper buck. MBA is killer good looking with a round rib cage, shallow chest floor, big forearm, big foot, huge rack, powerful hip, large stifle, wide pin set and moderate build. He his super thin hided with a slower maturity pattern and should work on a variety of does. We like this one A LOT!!!


Sire: 3701 (1703 x 612)
Dam: Vick - Liverhead Buck (Bean 9601(612 son) x Bean Doe) x B-23 (Bean 9901 X Crockett)

This was our purchase from Schrank-Bean in Early August. This one has lots of look and a great touch. He handles really hard, round and shallow ribbed, massively flat and wide in his loin, big hipped, big boned, and killer looking! Dam won her class at TWBDS. Sire is one of Garrett’s 3 lead herd sires. 1703 produced the Champion doe in Georgia in 2014, Reserve Champion in Eastern New Mexico 2014, Champion at the San Angelo Doe show 2015, and the Reserve Champion at San Angelo 2015. 1703 is the sire of many keeper females at Schrank-Garrett.





Batman x 1242 Mini-me (Don't Know Jack)

This is the only live kid from our flush out of this mating. There was a doe kid that we turned down an offer of $10,000 at six weeks of age and as luck would have it, she died just before weaning. Frank is super moderate in his build, big boned, great chested, square in his toe placement, round bodied, and has a big rack, loin and hip. This one will see lots of does at our place this fall. We are excited to offer this one to the public for the first time.




900 grandson x Patron daughter

Cade Halfmann brought a really unique buck to the first annual Banners and Backdrops sale in early April in Enid, Oklahoma. He was the Reserve Champion Buck and we couldn’t be happier with what this one offers the industry. He has matured into a super attractive herd sire with great feet and legs. He comes at you with a really big chest floor, offers a wicked three-dimensional look and has the absolute widest, flat loin we have handled. Couple that with an advantage in size and perfectly balanced hip, this one will make some banner goats.




Money Bags X Irene

“Joker” was one of two buck kids that we selected to keep out of our first flush with Irene. He offers raw muscle shape, a huge center loin, deep twist, and enough lower leg to make a show steer envious. He gives you a good look at every angle and is moderate and wide with good bone work and structural integrity.





Sire: 8-Ball

"Cue Ball" - We purchased this 8-ball buck kid at 12 weeks. 8-ball is Milligan Livestock's Animal x Tsunami buck from Harrison. This buck kid is ghetto butted, ditch backed, big racked, big loined, huge boned, rugged and balanced. No smoke, hair or mirrors needed - Big Time Prospect.





"Fat Albert” is a buck that we thank Danny Thompson for bringing to our attention. This one is intriguing in his offer, never seen before circumference of bone and foot size, huge chest floor and the roundest rib to date. His moderate build will compliment our program and we are excited about his future progeny.





We acquired 8-ball from Teddy Harrison after his dispersal in the summer of 2014. 8-Ball is an Tsunami x Animal that origianlly came from Bobby Gwartney. In Danny's opinion, this was the best young kid the year he was born. Super opened up on top and underneath. We took this picture 2 days after his purchase in his working clothes just after a really long bath. This one handles with a big rack, round rib cage, wide and flat loin and smooth hip-loin junction. He is big chested and big hipped to compliment his muscular offering. Sound as a cat, thin hided, tall fronted and great hipped make this one an intriguing breeding component for our arsenal for 2015 offspring.




Purchased from Lancaster's and out of their "Genesis" buck from Gwartney which was an Tsunami x Animal. His mother was a full-blood doe from Woodall. Woody is an impressive specimen in person, extra big footed, gigantic boned, wide chested, tall fronted and great hipped. This is the biggest hipped goat on our place with an extremely deep twist and expressive stifle. He is more elevated in his frame than most of our goats and will keep us from getting to moderate in stature. Woody is super flexible and athletic in his structural integrity and has a really bold skull. Our first set of kids out of him will arrive in December of 2014.



“Money Bags” has matured into a great looking herd sire. He stamps his kids with a late maturity pattern, big feet and legs, a round rib cage, a wide center body, great chest floor, square pin set and as much muscle as a crossbred barrow in the Grand Drive. We have retained many daughters out of him and look for him to follow in impact like his brother A90 has done at Schafer Farms.



Ocho Cinco was our private treaty purchase from Claire Powell at the Farm in Texas. He has tremendous muscle shape in his rack and loin and offers a heavier skeleton on bigger frame structural integrity. He adds length of skeleton, power and balance to his offspring. We have been very pleased with the Cinco kids that have sold well and performed for exhibitors this season. He works well on a variety of genetic based does as well. We have been allowing outside mating to Cinco this fall and plan to do so this spring and summer





"Batman” is moderate in his frame size, whiskey barrel ribbed, wide centered, square and opened up in his pin set, and as powerful as you can build one with structural integrity. He offers big feet and legs, a powerful chest floor, thin hide, big rack shape, unparalleled center loin, a big hip and lower leg with a twist a mile deep. His kids are very impressive and we will be using him heavily in our program this year.



Bold Move was our purchase from Lary Duncan this fall out of BlindSide. We bought him for his pedigree in an effort to mate him to a group of Kelly does we purchased last summer. His look, balance, bone and pedigree add value to our program. He is more elevated than our other goats and will keep them from getting to small in kind. His temperament is real good and he is one of the least destructive goats in our program in terms of facility maintenance.